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Geek Upmanship
Neil Scrivin
Catalogue Number
Release Date
13 April 2018
  • Cassette

    • + WAV / FLAC
    • Full-face printed turquoise cassette tape
    • Transparent turquoise case

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The third in an ongoing series of remastered archive releases on Fonolith from Neil Scrivin - producer behind Phono Ghosts and Meatbingo.

'Geek Upmanship' combines digitally processed guitar with intricate drum machine programming and bleeping arcade arpeggios. Broadly ranging stylistically between the angular riffing of ‘The Mushroom Stage’ via serene ambience on ‘Inky Gorgeous’ to the jazz-flavoured chord structures and time-signatures of the title track.

Augmenting the five original tracks is a brand new SH-101 driven reconstruction of ‘Inky Gorgeous’ by Datassette (Apollo Records, Shipwrec).

Written and recorded in early 2007, this newly remastered edition is available in physical format for the first time, on full-face printed turquoise cassette tape in transparent turquoise case.

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  1. 1 The Mushroom Stage 4:31 Neil Scrivin Buy
  2. 2 Colour Clash 4:38 Neil Scrivin Buy
  3. 3 Inky Gorgeous 1:38 Neil Scrivin Buy
  4. 4 Nicer Vivid Island 3:09 Neil Scrivin Buy
  5. 5 Geek Upmanship 3:46 Neil Scrivin Buy
  6. 6 Inky Gorgeous (Datassette Version) 6:23 Neil Scrivin Buy

Neil Scrivin

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