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Phono Ghosts
Chrome Position
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December 13, 2013

Chrome Position is an ode to the humble cassette tape. Constructed using tiny fragments of long-unwanted cassettes found in local charity shops collected over many years in the dark of night.

The result is an idiosyncratic fusion between languid funk, hypnologic vocals, and swirling psychoactive melodies.

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  1. 1 Leader 1:08 Phono Ghosts
  2. 2 When We Were Fifteen 6:03 Phono Ghosts
  3. 3 Suntan Spies 5:03 Phono Ghosts
  4. 4 Tape to Tape 3:05 Phono Ghosts
  5. 5 Magnetic Mantra 2:50 Phono Ghosts
  6. 6 Ferric Dreams 3:33 Phono Ghosts
  7. 7 Test Tone 4:04 Phono Ghosts
  8. 8 Head Cleaning 4:37 Phono Ghosts

Phono Ghosts

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