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Perception Report 3
The Night Monitor
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August 20, 2021

Welcome to the third instalment of Perception Report - The Night Monitor's musical periodical soundtracking unexplained phenomena.

Cover story: December 1987. The wild landscape of Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire (UK), where Philip Spencer (pseudonym) and his camera had a lonely morning encounter with a strange being...

"'There was a small green creature about 10 feet away,' he says. 'As I brought out the camera it scuttled away and stopped about 40 feet from me.' Spencer photographed the creature. It made a dismissive movement with its right arm and he watched it disappear around a bluff. Shortly after, a silver disc-shaped object shot into the air and disappeared into the clouds."


Northern UFO News 131 (May - June 1988)
BUFORA Newsfile No. 2 (1990)
The X Factor 71 (1999)
Fortean Times 230 (December 2007)

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 An Alien on Ilkley Moor 3:38 Buy

    An Alien on Ilkley Moor

  2. 2 Raven in Tomb Land 3:08 Buy

    Raven in Tomb Land

  3. 3 Pyramids of the Year 3000 1:57 Buy

    Pyramids of the Year 3000

  4. 4 The UFO and the Seance 2:28 Buy

    The UFO and the Seance

The Night Monitor

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