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This House Is Haunted
The Night Monitor
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October 1, 2019

Based on Guy Lyon Playfair’s account of the 1977 Enfield Poltergeist case, 'This House Is Haunted' is the debut release from The Night Monitor - a new project created by Neil Scrivin (Phono Ghosts, Meatbingo) exploring the world of the paranormal with hardware retro-electronics and a homespun DIY aesthetic.


" eerie radiophonic soundtrack... The album is strong on verisimilitude: there are knockings, white noise and tantalisingly indecipherable hints of electronic voice phenomena, amidst slabs of atmospheric music concrète that Doctor Who fans will find deliciously reminiscent of Roger Limb's percussive, synth-drive compositions for the show." Bob Fischer - Fortean Times

"...bestowed with a paranormal creepiness – heavily-shrouded melodies emerge out of thick rivers of ectoplasm, looped voices chatter and babble incoherently, and thudding percussive sounds evoke the phantasmic movement of furniture... will give chills to anyone who spent their childhood evenings cowering behind the sofa because of an especially vivid Doctor Who episode..." Mat Smith -

"The synths are ominous and the pulsing beats are stark and echoing. Tracks such as The Epicentre are genuinely creepy and should only be consumed in darkened rooms by those with sturdy constitutions. It’s impossible not to let one’s imagination fill the visual field with vaporous shadows and coiling darkness... HP Lovecraft couldn’t have summoned a more disconcerting collection of tracks to herald the emergence of the Great Old Ones." Mike Stanton - I Heart Noise

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Blitz 2:51 Buy


  2. 2 Ten Coincidences 1:48 Buy

    Ten Coincidences

  3. 3 The Epicentre 3:01 Buy

    The Epicentre

  4. 4 I Saw It Move 1:56 Buy

    I Saw It Move

  5. 5 Action and Adventure 2:30 Buy

    Action and Adventure

  6. 6 Oh, It's Answering 2:58 Buy

    Oh, It's Answering

  7. 7 One For No, Two For Yes 1:49 Buy

    One For No, Two For Yes

  8. 8 Some Hysterical Situations 1:37 Buy

    Some Hysterical Situations

  9. 9 Ten Naughty Things 1:52 Buy

    Ten Naughty Things

  10. 10 I Can't Make That Noise 2:20 Buy

    I Can't Make That Noise

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