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Mission Tapes Vol. I
The GulfFire
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 13, 2020

Following the acclaimed ‘Co Intel Pro’ LP under his S>>D monicker on CPU Records in 2018, producer Sean Dorris presents this collection of imagined soundtracks as The GulfFire for Fonolith.

Recorded between 2005 and 2019, ‘Mission Tapes Vol. I’ is a true love letter to the synth-driven futuristic film themes of the VHS era. Crafted at Sean’s own ‘Devil’s Tower’ studio using Sequential Circuits machines and Roland MC-500 sequencer, these 14 vividly evocative themes accurately channel the pulsing analogue menace and sci-fi dystopian edginess that characterised so many ‘80s video and film scores.


"Each of these 14 vignettes contains an authentic period charm, built up from vintage equipment and a mostly forgotten approach to dramatic tension. The militaristic drum machine rhythm, ice-frozen melody and squelchy bassline of ‘Balance Of Power’ is an easy highlight." Mat Smith - Electronic Sound

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Night Mission 2:16 Buy

    Night Mission

  2. 2 First Hour 2:43 Buy

    First Hour

  3. 3 Over NORAD 4:26 Buy

    Over NORAD

  4. 4 Life Clock 3:01 Buy

    Life Clock

  5. 5 Perimeter / Outer Zone Breach 3:29 Buy

    Perimeter / Outer Zone Breach

  6. 6 Glider Chase 2:25 Buy

    Glider Chase

  7. 7 The Next 60 Seconds.... 2:36 Buy

    The Next 60 Seconds....

  8. 8 Nightmare Maker 4:02 Buy

    Nightmare Maker

  9. 9 Balance of Power 3:09 Buy

    Balance of Power

  10. 10 Remote Signal Tracer 3:43 Buy

    Remote Signal Tracer

  11. 11 Vigil Code 4:05 Buy

    Vigil Code

  12. 12 Videonomicon 2:17 Buy


  13. 13 The Hills Ran Red 3:04 Buy

    The Hills Ran Red

  14. 14 Cold Fusion Outpost 5:50 Buy

    Cold Fusion Outpost

  • Mission Tapes Vol. I

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