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Warm Pad, Sharp Stab
Phono Ghosts
Catalogue Number
Release Date
13 septiembre 2019

Phono Ghosts presents his fourth collection of cassette tape memories brought back from the celestial library of ferric dreams.

‘Warm Pad, Sharp Stab’ sees Phono Ghosts delving deeper into downtempo territory with a heady concoction of night-swoon mood beats, portentous synth pulsing and DX-driven funk, mixed with drifting mystical atmospherics, ‘80s TV soundtrack melancholia, cosmic ceremonials and swirling fretless bass romanticism. Fuzzy analogue swells and digital fantasy bells. Warm pads, and sharp stabs.

Available on black 12” vinyl, retro orange cassette tape and digital formats.


"Phono Ghosts has created a pace and groove that seems to mirror the bio-rhythmic pulse of the listener, it locks itself in and induces a mindful, meditative state. There are no jagged edges here, it is all curved and rounded with ice-melting grooves and quarter speed downtempo. In Warm Pad, Sharp Stab, Phono Ghosts has summoned spirits of slowly coiling wooziness, allowing his synths to twist and arc around their fuzzed-out edges. It’s a triumph." Mike Stanton - I Heart Noise

"Phono Ghosts deals with the spectres of Eighties R&B and soulful electro – all fat digital basslines, chunky rhythms and a presentation that leans into a half-remembered pop vernacular. That tracks like the upbeat ‘L’Amour And Her Hot-Wired Hands’, the shimmering PWL-esque refrain of the serene ’81 Love’ or the emotional grandeur of the muted ‘Tears Over Chroma’ were not executed during digital synthesis’s takeover of music beggars belief." Mat Smith - furtherdot.com

"Phono Ghosts inhabits the icy sounds of post-FM synthesis and the nighttime funk moves of the studio owls who created the neon cool of 80s B-movie film soundtracks. He conjures up warm LA nights of crime and passion with cassette distortion and exotic pulsing thrills, but the highlight is the fretless bass on the magnificently executed nostalgic seduction muzak of 'Only Us'." Mark Roland - Electronic Sound

"For Phono Ghosts’ Warm Pad, Sharp Stab, Scrivin takes the shiny decadence of the early 80s and mixes it with the experimental electronics that followed later that decade. “81 Love” for instance channels the polished pop corners of ABC’s “Poison Arrow” through the avant brut filter of early Warp or Skam." Spenser Tomson - The Wire

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Prime 3-D 2:25 Comprar

    Prime 3-D

  2. 2 L'amour and Her Hot-Wired Hands 3:31 Comprar

    L'amour and Her Hot-Wired Hands

  3. 3 A Glow in the Night 4:05 Comprar

    A Glow in the Night

  4. 4 Only Us 5:48 Comprar

    Only Us

  5. 5 Ascend to Spirit 7 1:43 Comprar

    Ascend to Spirit 7

  6. 6 The Gate of the Glittering Gene 4:18 Comprar

    The Gate of the Glittering Gene

  7. 7 81 Love 4:16 Comprar

    81 Love

  8. 8 Through a CSO Window in Zero G 1:41 Comprar

    Through a CSO Window in Zero G

  9. 9 Tears Over Chroma 4:25 Comprar

    Tears Over Chroma

  • The Gate of the Glittering Gene

Phono Ghosts

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